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Cambridge Elementary School Wins Regional Spelling Bee

Cambridge Elementary School Wins Regional Spelling Bee!!!

The Cambridge Elementary School Spelling Bee team competed in the Regional Competition on Saturday, October 27, 2018, and WON!!! It was a real nail biter, too! At the end of 12 rounds, CES and Waitsfield each had 118 points. There was a one-round spell-off and CES emerged as the winner!!! Additionally, Jai Parikh spelled every word he was given correctly for all 13 rounds! CES will now move on to the State Competition which is scheduled for November 17, 2018, location and time TBA. The team is made up of six students:

Owen Cayton
Winter Deslaurier
Valentina Mazzarese
Wyatt McAdoo
Jai Parikh
Rhiannon White

They are coached by retired teachers, Lynne O'Leary and Audrey Cota.

CONGRATULATIONS to all and GOOD LUCK at the State Competition!!


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