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Student Support Services

The Lamoille North Supervisory Union schools believe that early intervention and the use of low level supports to help any learner that struggles with success at school is the key to ensuring positive learning outcomes for all of our students.


Act 264 Coordinated Service Plan (CSP) and Residential Placements

Billing Parents' Private Insurance

Consent to bill private insurance (PDF form)

Bookshare Service for Students with Text Support Needs

Bullying, Harassment, Hazing and Misconduct

Confidentiality and Annual Training Tools

Co-teaching Annual Plan and Delivery Models Tool

COVID-19 and Serving Students with Disabilities 3.17.20
COVID-19 Letter to Families 3.19.20

Crisis Response System - Unexpected Student Death REVISED 2004

Crisis Response System

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Topics D-F

Discipline of Students Who Have or We Suspect Have a Disability (revised 3/26/06) (PDF)

Due Process for Special Education

English Language Learner Procedure and Tools

EPSDT Coding

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Extended School Year Documentation

IEP: Extended School Year Worksheet


Topics G-I

Homeless Student Procedures and Tools

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Topics J-L

Lamoille Valley Resource Guide

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Topics M-O

Manifestation Determination

Mediation Request Form - Vt Agency of Education Request for Assistance

Medicaid Annual Reinvestment Report Procedure

Migrant Education Forms

Out of District Placements - Procedures, Protocols & Checklist

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Topics P-R

Records FERPA

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Topics S-U

Seclusion and Restraint

Series 4500 - Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

  • LNSU Seclusion or Restraint Report to the Superintendent
  • LNSU Seclusion or Restraint School Building Use Documentation Report

Section 504

Separated Families

Service Plan Procedures

Special Ed Eligibility

Special Education Expenditures

  • FTE Calculation (downloadable Excel file)
  • Service Plan Worksheet (downloadable Excel file)

Special Education - Student Files, Parents' Rights & Confidentiality

Specific Learning Disability Determination Procedure & Tools

Special Education Time Sampling Technical Guide and Tools

State Placed Student Enrollment and Reimbursement of IEP, 504 and EST Services and Tools

Technical Guide for Special Education Staff Documentation-Revised October 2012

Special Education "Time Schedule" Tool

Spring "No Change" in Special Education Time Schedule Form

Time Study Assurance Statement

Vermont Special Education Rules

Series 230 Special Education Rules

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Jennifer Hulse
Director of Student Support Services
(802) 851-1178
[email protected]




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