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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
it's the only thing that ever has.”
     Margaret Mead

August/September 2019

Dear Valued Members of the Lamoille North Communities: 

Welcome to the Lamoille North Supervisory Union 2019-20 school year! I hope you have had time to do the things you enjoy this summer and to spend time with the people you love and are now ready to begin the school year with excitement and optimism. It is with great pleasure that I write to you in anticipation of what I know will be a wonderful year!

When I think about what is most important to share with you at the beginning of every school year, I frame my thoughts in terms of our identified mission and vision because that serves as a driver for everything we do. Our mission is to work together to inspire passion for learning and to empower all students to become responsible, productive and engaged citizens. Our vision provides the answers to how we will accomplish our mission. It is simple and clear…..equity, access and opportunity for all. 

We have accomplished much thus far and want to build on that great work. We continue to build on our work with proficiency-based learning, assessment, and graduation and have moved forward developing a common curriculum, PreK through grade 12. Additionally, we are providing professional development to our administration and some faculty through Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in DataWise; a system that focuses on how to meaningfully assess student progress that will inform our instructional practices. We are continuing our work implementing restorative practices in all of our schools and ensuring that our staff have the tools necessary to help create a safe and productive learning environment for all of our students. Although we have used our grant funds to enhance school safety, we know that simply making our physical structures more secure cannot by itself be a solution. What is most important is helping students, staff and all members of the community to build the kind of culture and relationships necessary so that there is an atmosphere of safety. We have to cultivate relationships that value all of us. In that vein, we offered Youth Mental Health First Aid Training last year to all who could attend throughout the year and will offer this year, Adult Mental Health First Aid Training, in an effort to support the needs of students and adults alike.

Why do we engage in all of this work? To help students become college, career and “life” ready. We need our students to be proficient not only in content mastery, but critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, and we want them to have a sense of wellbeing. I encourage all of us to see opportunities for something better, and to embrace the responsibility that comes with being part of something greater. No matter who we are or what we look like or what we may believe, it is both possible and important to come together in common purpose and common effort. I am so honored to serve you and to embrace every opportunity ahead to collaborate and innovate with you.

By working together, we can ensure that every child receives an exemplary education. It is our collective responsibility to encourage academic and social emotional wellbeing so that all of our students are ready for whatever path they choose, whether college or career, and most certainly “life”. I stand strong in my commitment to support all of you in these endeavors and believe that together we can make great things happen.

My best to you,


Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools



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